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Locker and Desk Organiser

We've reached the end of another cracking Clerkenwell Design Week. To mark the final day, our subsidiary the LockerBox Company launch the new CLUTTERBOX. 

Following on from the highly successfully fully recyclable LOCKERBOX one, the CLUTTERBOX is a more compact unit that is made from a robust foamed PVC board with a smooth matt finish. It is rigid and durable whilst still being lightweight. The CLUTTERBOX is available in a selection of colours and can be either branded with your company logo or fully printed with your own design.

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Hot-desking and Flexible Working - Clean up your workspace

Flexible working environments and hot-desking are increasingly becoming popular in London, and thriving entrepreneurial working cities alike – some might even say they’re on trend. Previously only common at blue chip organisations, for the many consultants and sales reps on the road, the concept is now being adopted by smaller organisations seeking to not only reduce the ever expanding costs for office space, but to encourage collaboration, and provide employees with more flexible working opportunities.


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