Printing onto Rolls-Royce Leather with Mo Coppoletta

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

We've just finished working with world renowned tattoo artist Mo Coppoletta on some leather printing for an exclusive event hosted by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Porto Cervo in Italy. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Porto Cervo commissioned Mo Coppoletta to design tattoo artwork onto Rolls-Royce hide leather which was unveiled at the event.

Mo's triptych design was inspired by the 'The Spirit of Ecstasy', which has adorned the bonnets of Rolls-Royce vehicles since 1911. The three piece mixed media painting encompassed laser, print, acrylic, gold paint, and gold leaf finishes. 

We were supplied with three pieces of laser engraved genuine Rolls-Royce hide leather to which we printed white ink.

The white ink was printed in very specific areas of the artwork to enhance the colour of the gold paint Mo then painted and worked in over the top. It was an incredibly difficult and precise job our Display Team carried out as we had to align the print within 0.5mm of a millimeter to fit within certain shapes and borders of Mo's design. The Coppoletta team were with us during the course of production and worked with our Team to set up the prints to achieve an exceptional bespoke piece of artwork for the Rolls Royce Motor Cars Porto Cervo event.

We are looking forward to casting our eyes on the next Coppoletta design and hopefully have the privilege to work with the team again in the making. Mo's parlour 'The Family Business' can be found in London’s Exmouth market -  the studio has become a cardinal presence in both the London and International tattoo scene. 

Mo Coppoletta
Rolls Royce Motor Cars - Mo Coppoletta
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