Internal Communications - not to be forgotten

Often organisations are so focussed on their external marketing communications that they lose sight of the importance of their internal ones which are, just as important, if you want your employees to be singing the same song you are out to the marketplace. Not only will it help them to better understand and grasp your brand's vision, it will help employees resonate with, build their passion for and connection to the products and service you are selling. 

Real Estate design and project management consultancy Realys understand the importance of selling the brand internally; we just printed and shipped notepads, merchandise and other Realys promoted literature to their offices around the world.

Their client meeting notepad was branded with with the Realys Delivery Model to encourage employees to use the model every time they were to embark on a piece of work, with each-other or with a client - building on the consistency and reputation of the Realys Brand. We also printed a lovely brand guidelines book to help employees understand the brand, services, structure and identity of the organisation.

On that note, don't overlook internal communications - your employees need to care about the Company and embrace the brand for it to flourish. Design some quality, creative eye-catching materials, print them and start dishing them out..

Company Branded Collateral