Museum Graphic Displays for Brent Museum

Earlier in the year, we completed the print and installation of Graphic Displays for Brent Museum’s new permanent gallery ‘The History of Brent’, in Willesden Green. Working alongside Objectives, specialists in interpretive 3D and graphic design for museums, we produced an incredible interactive display to tell the story of Brent dating back to the 19th Century.

The exhibition features artefacts relating to the Borough and its people from a collection of over 10,000 that spans 50 years. The objects are presented in imaginative ways through clever design and innovative use of several printed substrates including, acrylic, plywood, fabric, and glass to name a few.

Print onto Plywood

In addition to the artefacts and displays presented to us, video and oral history recordings to demonstrate how the area has changed and developed over time are featured throughout.

Brent Museum is now open to the public and free to visit. To view more of the works we undertook for this project, head over to our Brent Museum Graphics Case Study.

Exhibition Displays