Ilona Rose House – Printed Hoarding and Signage.


Those of you who stroll regularly through central London will have no doubt come across our latest print and install hoarding project.  The Ilona Rose House, on Charing Cross Road, will be a 350,000 sq ft development comprised of new restaurants, retail outlets and high-end, creative office space.  This central London development will offer roof gardens, public art and is set to transform the street scape along Manette Street and provide a new walkway into Greek Street.

Ahead of the main demolition, scheduled for March, we have installed 91 dibond panels of hoarding as well as supplying a 40m x 2.4m mesh banner concealing and protecting the scaffold gantry. 

The transformation of this site happened overnight, with our installation team eager to avoid the daily footfall in this busy district.  Commuters arrived to a new vision of their street and clear marketing messages about what is to come.