Fun Office Interior Graphics


The month of November saw the design, production and installation of Mentfield’s new office graphics. Designed with vibrancy and fun in mind – the array of graphics scattered throughout the premises left the staff and office manager with a great appreciation for their new workspace.

A combination of colourful cut vinyl, printed wall graphics and colourful signage was designed, printed and installed across their blast freezer spaces, canteen, ping pong table, and sales and boardroom walls.

Our intricate vinyl cutters and in house installation team created a sharp and professional finish which will last for years to come.

The project required flexibility from MJ's side, providing staggered deliverables upon the client's request.  Across the three stages, we were able to refine and perfect various elements to create a unique space specialised for Mentfield’s needs.

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Fun office Graphics
Canteen Office Graphics
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