The Limited Edition BE-Hive Book for Wolfgang Buttress – designer of the UK Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015

We are honoured to have worked on a recent project with Nottingham based artist Wolfgang Buttress, who in May 2014 was announced by Prince Harry as the artist to design the UK Pavilion representing the United Kingdom at the Milan Expo 2015. 

We were approached by Wolfgang Buttress to provide the printing for the books, drawings, sleeves, photographic prints and slipcases for the team’s winning innovative project ‘Hive’; a project inspired by the unique and incredible work of the honeybee in the global ecosystem. The UK Pavilion invites visitors to wander through an orchard and natural meadow of wild flowers leaving you with a taste of the British landscape. You are then led to the entrance of a 14 metre high 50 tonne hive structure that pulsates, buzzes, and glows to resemble the movements of the bees inside a real hive located within the UK; giving you an insight into the life of a bee colony. 

The Limited Edition BE•Hive Book

MJ Group oversaw the printing of 1000 limited edition soft back books each encased in a Hive embossed slipcase printed onto a laminated silk paper containing; 

  • Limited edition artist signed embossed print + printed sleeve
  • High quality photographic prints by Hufton & Crow + printed sleeve 
  • Vinyl Record (+ download): ’BE ONE’- A Symphony of Bee and Man + printed sleeve 
Softback Book Printing - Wolfgang Buttress
WolfGang Buttress Limited Edition Books

The Signed Embossed Print+ sleeve

We produced a die and then blind embossed a drawing of a view from inside the hive. The artist signed embossed drawing comes inside a printed sleeve.

Signed Embossed Print

Photographic Prints+ sleeve 

Six Hufton & Crow photographic images of the UK Pavilion were printed onto Bioset; a high quality uncoated environmentally friendly paper that gives a very true and natural paper feel. The prints are housed inside another beautifully illustrated printed sleeve.

Six Hufton & Crow photographic images of the UK Pavilion

The BE One – 12” Vinyl + sleeve

A key part of the UK Pavilion experience is an immersive soundscape: a collaboration between human and honey bee.  Accelerometers (vibration sensors) are placed within a real beehive in Nottingham UK, measuring the energy of the bee colony and converting this to digital signals.  These signals trigger noise gates at particular thresholds, opening sympathetic harmonious stems pre-recorded by musicians. The result is a constantly changing and evolving symphony between bee and human.  Cellos and vocals were recorded live on the first take while listening to a live stream of bee sounds on 12.02.15.

Vinyl + Sleeve Wolfgang Buttress

MUSICIANS: Violins: Amiina (Sigur Ros, Bjork), Percussion and Piano: Kev Bales (Spiritualised, Soulsavers), Sounds and Vibrations: The Bees, Cello: Deirdre Bencsik (Opera North), Voice: Camille Buttress, Percussion: Wolfgang Buttress, Electronics, Guitar and Melodica: John Coxon (Spring Heel Jack, Everything but the Girl), Guitar, Piano, Mellotron: Doggen Foster (Spiritualised), Guitar: Rob Howard, Auto Harp, Harmonica, Guitar: Jason Spaceman (Spiritualised), Harmonium, Indian Drone Box: Youth (The Orb, The Verve)

In this short audio Wolfgang Buttress and team describes the audio and visual components for visitors to experience and engage with at the UK pavilion. 

Hive Embossed Slipcase

We printed onto a laminated silk paper and embossed a drawing of a view from inside the Hive onto the front.

Embossed Slipcase

We worked very closely with the team at Wolfgang Buttress in the selection of printing processes, paper stocks, finishing methods and proofing options to produce a stunning compendium of printed elements to accompany their amazing UK Pavilion Milan Expo 2015 project. We look forward to collaborating with the team again in the future. 

In this short video Wolfgang Buttress describes the audio and visual elements he would like visitors to experience and engage with at the UK pavilion.

Details about purchasing can be found here:

Limited Edition Books and Sleeves
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