Celebrating 20 years in Creative Imaging!

This week MJ Group are celebrating twenty years in Creative Imaging across Digital Printing, Display Graphics and Bespoke Bookbinding. We kicked off the celebration a little early on Friday night at the Fable in Clerkenwell and will continue to celebrate this week as the beginning of June 1995 marks the anniversary of where it all began when we moved into the premises at Priory House, St John’s Gate in Clerkenwell.

What you may not know about our premises here at Priory House is that it was originally the print house for Edward Cave’s monthly publication ‘The Gentleman’s Magazine’, the first periodical to have ever been published back in 1731; and a publication which continued on for nearly 200 years until 1922. We are rather proud to be keeping the tradition of publishing alive at St John’s Gate carrying it all the way into the 21st Century.

We created an MJ Timeline for our celebration party, it will give you a little insight into how we have evolved over the last twenty years. To see all the photos from our event head over to our MJ Group Facebook page.

MJ Timeline