Winning Bids and Tender Presentations

Creative in Construction … say whaaat?!

So… we’ve contributed to the win of yet another tender presentation for the construction industry. And in such a competitive industry it’s seemingly difficult winning tenders over companies offering a very similar service. Beyond assessing the technical ability, financial stability, and underlying concept, the quality of print, presentation and how creatively your story is told can actually make the difference on how successful your bid is.

clamshell box

Creative and construction? I certainly wouldn’t have termed the two together, however with the graphic designers in the bid teams coupled with our creative minds and expertise we’ve produced some stunning bid presentation documents and cases.

Due to the confidential nature of tender submissions, it’s particularly frustrating that we’re unable to share some of those amazing tenders we’ve produced. We have to remain hush hush for a long time, at least until we know the tender has been won, which I might add, is more and more becoming a frequent occurrence with the clients we’re working with. It seems the construction industry is particularly fond of our quality and, by no means are we the cheapest in the market, but nor do we want to be. We partner with professionals who value the craft in what we do.  

ring binders

Here are a select few presentation folders, tender documents and presentation boxes that we’ve produced in-house that have led us and our clients to victory. So if winning tenders is what you’re striving for, work with us and submit a quality bid. BUT, try not to leave it to the last minute! Yes we're one of the last phases in the design process as print and production, but if you want the best possible outcome, we need to allocate the time and resource to provide you with the quality we‘re capable of that will hopefully pay dividends and win you that bid.