Hot-desking and Flexible Working - Clean up your workspace


Flexible working environments and hot-desking are increasingly becoming popular in London, and thriving entrepreneurial working cities alike – some might even say they’re on trend. Previously only common at blue chip organisations, for the many consultants and sales reps on the road, the concept is now being adopted by smaller organisations seeking to not only reduce the ever expanding costs for office space, but to encourage collaboration, and provide employees with more flexible working opportunities.

Whilst hot-desking makes way for a more lucrative business model, and provides an ideal working environment for the nomadic worker, the idea of sharing a desk with others, for some, is not the favourable choice. The origin of the hot-desking concept is said to have come from hot bunking or hot racking - a naval practice where once a sailor had finished his shift would jump in the warm rack or bunk of another sailor whose shift was just about to start; mmm personal hygiene comes to mind, which is, one of the more common debated stances of hot-desking, as one third of office workers don't even wash hands after using the loo!

Another stance against the hot-desking practice amongst employees is the ‘clean desk policy’ that comes with it. Work items and any personal effects aren’t allowed to be left behind, and must be packed up and away every day. I can imagine this to be particularly frustrating, as I often like to leave things on my desk so I can easily pick up from where I left off in the morning.  

And so, to try and ease this pain or frustration for workers, what we’ve come up with is the LOCKERBOX one – an easily transferable customised storage box where workers can store their belongings in an organised fashion upon leaving their workstations. The LOCKERBOX one is made to fit a standard locker, designed with separate compartments for laptops, tablets, mobiles, calculators, stationery, notebooks, and those other day to day personal items you like having, like your like lip balm (if you’re female) and the obligatory coffee cup.

Other benefits of the LOCKERBOX one, are that they’re fully recyclable, can be customised with company branding, or printed with your own designs. And, if you really want to maximise and optimise the small locker space you’re provided with, the LOCKERBOX one can also be used in conjunction with our


N- Zed organisers – another locker storage product we’ve designed to help manage the space within your locker. The N-Zed organisers create four areas of storage from one - one of which houses your LOCKERBOX one just perfectly.

Thus far, we’ve been producing the boxes for ITV, Vitra, The Research Council, Dovetail, Ombudsman Services and more. I’m even using one myself, as are my colleagues. Although I don’t share my desk space, it’s proved useful to house all my items and keep my somewhat messy desk tidy!

We’ve developed a website specifically for our LOCKERBOX one and N-ZED organisers so head on over to if you want to ‘clean up your workspace’ as Dovetail London so put it,  and grab some more info on the products we’ve developed to help make sharing space work better for employees.