Roald Dahl...

As an ongoing project and existing case study the Roald Dahl Story Centre enables us to produce and output some of our most creative works. Not content with producing life-size MDF giraffes and bespoke, cardboard engineered golden tickets and giant peaches, we were tasked with recreating Dahl's iconic chair, complete with a specific patch which he used to help with chronic back pain.

The project consisted of contour cutting MDF panels, applying UV print to both sides and ultimately constructing, finishing and fabricating the complete structure. To go alongside this, an eight paneled system was made complete with magnetic and mirrored vinyls to provide a unique and realistic environment, which aids in providing further environmental and graphical representations of Roald Dahl's life and work. The eventual packaging for the goods and works contained as much effort and creative energy as the printed pieces, in turn creating a lasting, professional impression that can be continually reused.

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Caroline Leonard