MJ Group help Outside Studios to recreate a WW1 hospital in Cheshire..

Using a broad range of MJ’s services Outside Studios excelled in producing an amazing visitor attraction at the National Trusts Dunham Massey Hall in Cheshire. During the First World War, this Georgian house was transformed into The Stamford Military Hospital, becoming a sanctuary from the trenches for almost 300 soldiers. The ward, recreation room and operating theatre have all been recreated so people can experience the hospital as it once was.

MJ were involved in producing visitor information display graphics, replica books, newspapers, postcards and sheet music from the era. Most touching were the ‘voices’ a series of accounts from some of the soldiers who spent time there. These were printed and applied onto many of the everyday objects from the time, including pillow cases which feature significantly on an ITV news broadcast.

If you get the chance do visit Dunham Massey, as with all Outside Studios creations it doesn’t disappoint.




Image screenshot © BBC 2014


Caroline LeonardBBC