Three Ways to Make Your Content Pack a Punch...

 Three Ways to Make Your Content Pack a Punch. 

By Emma Sexton, Founder and Creative Director of Make Your Words Work™


In this day and age all of us have a much better eye for aesthetics than we ever used too.

The Internet bombards us everyday with visual expression. Ever increasing download speeds 

means that we are now used to, and expect to experience, more and more beautiful graphics, 

imagery and stories.


But it is not just about what your content might look like - it is also about how it works for 

the audience. Something can look beautiful, but then turns the audience away when they cannot 

navigate or decipher your message. 


That content might be your credentials, that RFP or perhaps a large pitch for an exciting 

new business possibility. Here are my top 3 tips for ensuring your content has the maximum 

impact and an emotive response.


1) Avoid the Curse of Knowledge.

If you really want your content to land with punch you have to avoid what is known as ‘the 

curse of knowledge”. In 1990 a Stanford University graduate student in psychology named 

Elizabeth Newton conducted an experiment (you can read more about her experiment here


She concluded that once we know something we find it very hard to imagine not knowing it. 

Our knowledge has “cursed” us and we cannot recreate that same state of mind we had before 

we knew it.


Imagine the effect this could have on your business. If your audience find any of your materials 

too challenging to take any notice of, then you may get over looked as a potential supplier.


2) What’s your story?

Every business has stories - you just have to know where to look. Finding these and using them 

to connect with your audience in an emotive and compelling way is exactly what your client’s 

are crying out for. This doesn’t mean that they won’t get the facts too, or that you will write them 

a novel. It is about using these stories to talk about what you do. When you find them, and bring 

them to life in a visually compelling way, you will captivate your audience and inspire them to want 

to work with you.


3) Ask yourself ‘so what?’

Who really cares about what you do? Of course YOU do. You could talk for hours about the ‘why’, 

the ‘when’, the ‘how much’ but do you ever think about the ‘so what?’ Do you ever step into your 

audiences shoes? Not into the shoes you think that are wearing, but the shoes they are actually 

wearing? Come from a viewpoint that they really don’t care about you then work hard to convince 

them otherwise. This will help you to shape your messages and pull out what is important and what 

really isn’t.


Emma Sexton is the founder of Make Your Words Work™  A design company with a proven 

track record of increasing pitch conversion rates, engaging audiences and transforming in-house design teams.


Caroline Leonard