New digital embossing service, an innovation in embossing!...

Once you’ve sampled this new amazing product, your everyday print will be left flat in comparison. Digital embossing will stimulate so much more interest in your business cards, postcards, leaflets and folders, making embossing become more than just a visual experience.

Although digital embossing can be used to improve most coated papers and cards, we find when applied to thicker materials it's more effective. Combine this to laminated materials, gloss or matt, but much more effective over a matt lam where the laminate and emboss really do compliment each other. Digital embossing is just as effective over litho and digital printing.

Digital embossing is an environmentally friendly embellishment. It produces no harmful waste products or dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and uses small amounts of power in production.

We always strongly recommend running a digitally embossed sample prior to having any volume of digital embossing. Contact us for more info.